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Close more deals faster and retain customers longer using the CRM platform that grows with your business

The pace of business has never been more feverish, and today’s sales people are left with more interactions to track, and leads and deals to nurture than ever before. Their strengths are most visible when they’re in front of customers, building the relationships and driving the deals that make business possible, but they spend hours each week on administrative tasks in support of each interaction - updating records, researching leads and customers, taking notes, and organizing information in various systems. These administrative demands are repeated across the business - from customer support organizations that want to focus on solving cases, but who often find themselves searching through disorganized communications and documents and manually sending email status updates, to marketing and management teams, who want to analyze customers and trends to build and optimize marketing and the business at large, but who instead spend considerable time simply seeking, aggregating, and filtering the right data from various systems, if it exists at all.

CRM was developed with these challenges in mind - to give your sales people more high quality face time, to make support interactions more efficient and customer focused, to improve the targeting, reach and measurability of marketing campaigns, and to improve availability of critical business information to management. It all starts with a 360-degree historical view of each of your business’s contacts, which lets you identify where each lead or contact came from and is in your sales cycle. You can append notes, associated deals, and other documents to their records, and can use CRM’s integrated email and phone tools to communicate directly and track those communications. When you need information, CRM’s report builder lets you search and filter on any data, so that you can see how each process, employee, customer, or deal is faring.